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Soccer Betting Trends In 2020

Soccer Betting Trends In 2020

Soccer Betting Trends In 2020

Check out some of the top soccer betting trends for 2020 here.


The world of sports gambling is evolving all the time. New markets and types of bets are constantly being launched. It all adds up to an exciting time to be interested in betting on sports. So what are some top soccer trends to look out for in 2020?


1. Virtual and augmented reality

One of the top trends in the world of technology in 2020 and beyond is set to be virtual and augmented reality. Virtual reality – or VR for short – is already being used within the gambling industry. So far, it has been mostly used in a live casino setting. But there are other uses for this technology.

It is not too fanciful to imagine how VR, live streaming, and football betting could be combined in the near future. Imagine being able to place a live in-play bet on the big game, then be virtually transplanted into the crowd via a VR headset to watch a live stream.

That feels like one of the next big steps for the industry, and while next year may be a touch ambitious, it could be one of the top soccer betting trends for 2020.

Augmented reality differs slightly from VR but is also close to breaking through into the mainstream. Companies in the gambling industry will keep a close eye on how augmented reality continues to develop in the coming months to see if they can tap into the technology.


2. Goals per game are on the rise

When it comes to betting itself, the trend in football is for more goals to be scored in games. Some Premier League teams are now involved in games with an average of around three goals each match.

Football fans can use this information to decide about the bets they place, especially if they are looking at markets such as betting on the total number of goals that will be scored in a game.

Liverpool and Manchester City are unsurprisingly on top in the Premier League with the number of goals being scored in their matches, which will also be reflected in the odds offered by bookies during 2020.


3. Changes to the law around the world

One of the top soccer betting trends for 2020 could be the continued growth of the market overall. A decision made by the Supreme Court in the United States in 2019 opened the door for online sports gambling to be widely legalized across the country. Some states already have legal sports betting, but the US industry seems to rapidly rise in coming months.

How this will impact on the sector remains to be seen, but there will be huge opportunities for companies in the gambling industry to make the most out of the changes to the law are on the way.

Laws surrounding gambling continue to be tightly controlled in some other parts of the world, such as much of Asia. Should the law also be changed in these countries, there would be even more chance of a boom in the world of sports betting in 2020 and beyond.

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